Sri Chinmoy- Atmananda visit to Zurich in 1979

It was in 1979 that Frederick Lenz (alias Atmananda) visited Zurich, Switzerland in order to teach locals how to get bigger audiences and more disciples for Sri Chinmoy.
He showed locals how to design a poster. And his design and ideas lasted for decades for their posters. The idea was not to mention Sri Chinmoy directly.

The whole trip was a large event and a breakthrough for the German Centres. It was planned long in advance and backed up by Sri Chinmoy.

Frederick Lenz was able to get twice as many people for a follow up talk without advertisement (120 people came) compared to the initial talk which was well postered in Zurich (postering was 99% of all advertisement for Sri Chinmoy talks) where about 60 people came. A record for at that time.

The project for the German and Swiss Centres was to get 79 disciples in 1979 which they eventually achieved before the August Celebrations.

Frederick Lenz found a lot of disciples on that tour to Zurich and his lectures at the Zurich University (They just rented a large room there) which are actually mentioned still today on his webpage. I guess it still sounds good.

Some of the disciples that joined at that time are famous and some of them still in central positions today. Some of the people who came from his talks are/were: Shikkha, Sutikhna, Kedar, Nirmala, Jagaran and some other names .

Quite remarkable.

At the age of 29, around 1980, Frederick Lenz split with Chinmoy and relocated in San Diego.

Patrick B.

source: defunct Sri Chinmoy Information Yahoo Group

Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz- web site

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