Chinmoy’s huge Statue in Esjuberg – Iceland rejected

Kjalnesingar reject the Esjuberg gigantic statue

Garðar Örn Úlfarsson skrifar 11. september 2014 07:00

chinmoy giant statue
chinmoy giant statue

“Such a size would be highly debatable at this ancient historical site and would hardly create peace around the place,” says Kjalarness District Council, who opposes the Sri Chinmoy Center being allowed to erect a thirteen-meter statue of Chinmoy at Esjuberg . The Reykjavik Environment and Planning Council also rejected the statue yesterday.

The statue is to become a man-made artwork dedicated to peace. It is designed by Englishman Kaivaliya Torpy who have made many statues of Chinmoy in many countries. Indian guru and powerlifter Chinmoy died in 2007.

A friend in the desert who does not bother anyone

“This is to become a friend in the desert from daily stress. People will get access there, but not at all, so it will disturb the neighbors, ”said Marteinn Arnar Marteinsson of the Sri Chinmoy Center in a conversation with Fréttablaðið in May. Martin also revealed that members of the Sri Chinmoy Center were planning to plant trees and build ponds on the plot for purchase under the statue.

Garden would be fine but the statue is too big

Kjalarnes district council says it supports the creation of a natural garden and the planting of trees in Esjuberg’s land and ideas about open outdoor areas.

“However, the district council cannot support the erection of such a large monument / statue of Sri Chinmoy,” says the district council, referring to its previous protocol, which states that Esjuberg is mentioned in ancient literature and that it is believed to be the first church on Iceland has stood.

Have an idea of outdoorsy

“For many years Kjalnes have been talking about how best to draw attention to the history of the place,” says the district council, which states the parish committee of the Brautarholt Church and the Steina Historical Society have held outdoor camps in Esjuberg in recent summers.

“There are ideas among Kjalnes about setting up there more. In this light, it is pointed out that careful consideration must be given to what structures, buildings or works of art will create a look, especially if they become as prominent in the landscape as the works in question appear to be, ”says the district council. adding that the Chinmoy statue would be very prominent in the landscape under Esjan and stand out.

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