Sri Chinmoy – the 7000 pounds lift

Chinmoy started bare hand weight lifting in 1985 with 40 pounds and ended in 1987 with a staggering ( claimed ) 7063 3/4 lbs.

Chinmoy record lifts , like the 7000 bare hands lift, were never done in public,Chinmoy said to the few helpers in the room where he did the lift that absolutely nobody was allowed to look at him and the weights while he did the lift.

Ketan, a famous disciple, said he disobeyed and watched and when Chinmoy was screaming and lifting the 7000 pound the bar did not move at all.. Another disciple , Yogaloy, have another view of this lift :

The Abode of Yoga

A video was taken during the lift that showed not sign of lift …
this video was never made public .

Another disciple , Alex Zwarenstein, told he airbrushed photographs to exaggerate Chinmoy’s weightlifting ability – one of the key components of his image.

A documentary on Chinmoy weight lifts was produced by a devotee ( Sanjay Rawal ) and showed during a fim festival in 2011. The same devotee that was behind an attempt at erecting a 33 foot statue ( Chinmoy’s Statue ) in the Woodland Valley, USA.

Chinmoy Lift
Chinmoy 7063 3/4 lbs Lift

Patrick B.

interesting comments from Yogaloy

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