Sri Chinmoy’s U Thant Peace award

U-THANT Peace award

The U Thant Peace Award was created by Chinmoy’s Manifestation Team so Chinmoy could meet important people , mostly people linked to the Political arena. U Thant had already passed away , Chinmoy never get any official permission from U Thant’s Estate to use the name; Ghose just winged it, and no one ever objected.

Whenever there was an official who Ghose wanted to meet, the official would be informed he had been awarded the Prize, and a date would be arranged for him to receive it . A song composed and a nice medal engraved . The first fish caught using this technique was Zenon Rossides , Ambassador and permanent representative of Cyprus to the United Nations , in 1982 ; bigger names would arrive like Kurt Waldeim ; the taken photographs would be used to promote the U Thant Peace award and so on. The U Thant prize was used until chinmoy passed away in 2007 . The list of grantees can be found on wikipedia and other official web sites. It was a good PR ploy, especially effective to get Ghose to meet various developping world officials who were naive enough to think the Award came from some recognized institution and meant something.

So this public relation ploy seems to have been quite successful until Chinmoy reputation was somewhat erroded by disciples’ allegations of sexual misconduct . In 2006 , Kofi Annan ,  Secretary-general , rejected the U Thant Peace Prize ( the document is freely available on the UN website ). Kofi Annan had aleady refused to receive another prize from Chinmoy : Lifting up the world with a oneness-heart, in 2004.

It is important to remember that in 2001, Kofi Annan had received the Nobel peace prize and Chinmoy was craving for this distinction. In 2002 chinmoy wrote a book about Kofi Annan ( Kofi Annan: cynosure-eyes ), maybe to win his heart . He sent him the book thru his wife , Nane_Annan , this can be found in the UN archives.

In 1999 Kofi Annan was presented with the Jesse Owens Peace Through Sport Award and accepted it.

In 2007 The U Thant peace prize was offered to Ban Ki-moon who declined it.

The archives ( United Nations online archives ) for checking the above information. UN doc numbers begin with S-.

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Kofi Annan: cynosure-eyes by Sri Chinmoy

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